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31 december, 2011

CON1 – Leverage convention, Birmingham, UK

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So I finally got to a convention. Not the convention I thought it would be, but I am so glad I did go.

I have always wanted to go to a convention. A Stargate convention of some kind. Wanted to listen, meet and talk to the actors of the show. That was my plan, to meet Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks.

Didn’t work out that way. I went to Birmingham of all places, for a Leverage con, to meet up with people I’ve met online and to see the stars of one of my favorite shows. And last but not least to see a Kane concert. Christian Kane and Steve Carlson playing with a few friends on Saturday night was the highlight of the weekend.

So where to start. Ah.. from the beginning.

Left home at 06.00 Friday morning, it was a blizzard and dark, drove up to Arlanda, missed the exit and had to drive half way to Uppsala before I found an exit where I could turn and go back.

Checked in at the airport, had breakfast and then a flight to Düsseldorf. Spent a hour and half at a boring airport, then flight to Birmingham. Checked in at Hilton around 15.30 and got to my room. Sat down for about 5 min. And then it started.

First.. where do I go, where do I get the info.. ask first person I ran into…”go stand in that line”… oki. Standing in line, after 20 minutes…” hey, you are in the wrong line..”
I have never stood in line for something as much as I did that weekend. It was a line for everything, and I was always at the end of it. At one point that was not such a bad thing.

I met people I’ve been chatting with online, but for some reason they had signed up to help at the con. So not much chat there. I would have loved to have a little bit more chat with Linnie. Just so you know, I was so glad to meet you. Next time. Also ran into Anna and Dee, no time to chat. They had no clue who I was 🙂 That is the fun part, you chat and then meet and you think “Who is this person?”

But I also met a lot of new people. Tor and I met the first night when we both went out to get some fresh air outside the hotel.

I also ran in to Bex. Bex is from Oklahoma and we’ve been chatting on occasion online. But since they fucked up CKs chatter, not so much lately. Oh one thing, Bex is a little bit crazy, fun crazy. Hi Bex, lovely to meet ya.

And Karin from Germany. I met Karin the first time in April this year at the Steve Carlson gig at Vibe bar. I believe I mentioned her in an earlier blog, guess I didn’t have her name at that time. But that was fun, didn’t know she was going. We sat down to have a bear and I met Mirjam and Bernard, both helping at the convention.

So Friday evening started with an introduction of the guests and a “meet and greet” for those with Gold Pass, that was not me. Tor and I spent some time in the bar, having a bear and then off to bed, I was so tired, it had been a long day.

There was so many people to meet and so little time, because there was some more important things to do. Stand in line & see the stars.

Saturday started with a big breakfast and then off to listen to Steve Carlson talk. I love Steve Carlson. He was the guest that made me decide to go. And of course the fact that they said that Kane would play. Had to see that, it’s not like they will ever come to Sweden and play.

So my pics of Steve is not that great, only because I didn’t take time to learn my new camera. It got better over the weekend but not good.
So here is the thing, Steve is not an actor, but he sure knows how to work a stage and to interact with people. And he has a great sense of humor with a slice of irony, my kind of fun.
I asked him a question about “Best I ever had” and he denied that that person was even on the stage.

After that Riley Smith lost his CON-“virginity”. This was his first con and talk. He was nervous, but he did great. Lots of questions and he also told a lot of secrets. I’m not the biggest fan of him, as an actor that is, but after the talk I like the man more. I do like his music and he has a good voice.

Aldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraf  had a talk and it was really good, got some serious questions from an 11 year old boy, that put Aldis on the spot.

During the day there was also a talk with Gina Bellman and Christian Kane, Kane is the star. I love Gina in Couplings, but this is CKs show, doesn’t matter what they say, it’s his. Same 11 year old asked CK a question, very serious one about Eliots past, the answer was fast with no hesitation “I could tell ya, but then I had to kill ya”. I just love that man.

Then it was time. The one thing I had been waiting for. The concert. Chris and Steve had brought some friends to back them up. Brian Nutter – guitar, Jonah Dolan – a drum, Henri O’Connor – Guitar. So 4 guitars all together and it was amazing. Their voices was super good and the sound great. Took lots of pics.

Riley Smith opened for the guys and it was really good as well. But I really just waited for Steve and the boys.

Remember I told you that Christian Kane is the star of the show, no matter what? Good. Remember I told you that Steve is not an actor but knows how to work a stage.

Steve took over the stage completely. Didn’t mean to I’m sure, but he just can’t help it. The guy just sits there playing guitar, Chris do the singing… and all you see is Steve. He IS a star.
Bloody hell, it was an epiphany.. “I believe these words that you say”.

Sunday was a great day, started with Beth and Gina talk, very nice. And after that a break, just to stand in line again for a photo-op. I had to take a picture with me and the boys. Me, Steve, Chris and Riley in the same picture. Love it.

And then there was this talk, Steve, Riley and Chris together for over an hour, and some singing. Tree people performed the Club song, very funny.

And Bex made a deal with Riley, and told the boys she will sing with them ..

Then some more waiting and more standing in line for the autographs. Now, this is the time when we are among the last ones, and it’s all good. Gave us a bit more time with the guests (read CK and Steve).

I also got to give my gift to Chris and Steve, Sami bracelets. Chris said he loved it and will wear it. Steve put it on, so I know he had it on that day at least.

After that it was only the closing left and all I could feel was that I was so tired. Next time I will be more prepared, mentally. And hopefully not so stressed out, I will know more about what is going on.

It was an amazing weekend and so much fun to meet all the people. Some very funny talks and a lot of good music.

Love to do it again, hope to see you next year.

You can find my pictures on Flickr, have a look.


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