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5 juni, 2011

American Idol season 10

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American Idol finally got it right.

As usual I have been following American Idol. This year has not been that exciting when it comes to contenders, except for these two guys who stood out off the crowd, will get to that later.

The new judges, what can I say about them. Well, to start with I was a bit suspicious about Steven Tyler and I never liked Jennifer Lopez, except her acting for some reason, she’s doing well.

To start with, Lopez was okay, she did good and it was nice not to have that horrible Kara DioGuardi to listen to.

Back to Steven Tyler, he was absolutely amazing. And for every episode he showed that he knows music, not just rock but all music. He was in on everything from jazz to country, soul to heavy metal. He knows music and he is a very funny guy. He had some moments on Idol that will be remembered, and I also believe there is a lot of material that has not been aired as they can’t air everything in the US.

So, AI decided that the contestants could be younger this year so if you were 16 you could come and sing. Sure young ones can sing, but how good are they compared to those with a more mature voice ? Well, let me bite my tongue a little bit.

During the first painful episodes before Hollywood there were two guys that stood out. 16 year old Scotty McCreery and 19 year old Casey Abrams.

Scotty, this young boy walks in to the audition, looking like a schoolboy / nerd. What can he possible do, well he started with this ”Your man” by Josh Turner. After that I was sold.

Then 19 year old Casey Abrams came along and did ”Don’t need no doctor” by Ray Charles.

Those two were my favorites after that. In my heart I knew that Casey would not win, but he is such a character he would stay long in the competition. Scotty, the only thing that could threaten him from winning the whole thing would be his nerves or a very pretty girl. Well, I don’t think this kid has any nerves and the girls were not that pretty, except one who was voted off very early.

Casey did well during the Hollywood week and he showed up and knocked the ball out of the park with ”Georgia on my mind” by Ray Carles and later during the competition he did ”Nature boy” by Nat King Cole. But as I said, he didn’t win the competition, but a lot of hearts.

And what did Scotty do during this time. Well he did a lot of really good old country music, he did Alan Jacksons “Where were you when the World stop turning”, Alan Jackson who by the way is playing in Sweden this summer.

What about the girls.

Not that many to remember, there was this one girl, Haley Reinhart, who could sing, but not on her own. To shine she needed someone beside her. And when she did ”Moaning” by Bobby Timmons together with Casey she was amazing.

So at the end there is a winner and this year it is Scotty , “Love you this big” will be his first single.

Very bad quality but just for fun Scotty and a basketball


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