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23 april, 2011

London: There and back again

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So, I will try to do this in english, see how that goes.

I am a huge music fan but it is very rare that I go to concerts, now a days anyway. And I certainly doesn’t go to another country to see some artist that I love. So to my surprise I find myself having ordered a ticket to a show in London and very shortly after that booked a hotel and a flight.

So what was it that drowe me to this insanity? Well, there is this guy, he is a singer/songwriter with an amazing voice. None of my friends knows who he is, even if I try introducing him to them with videos on Facebook and such. But who cares, there are others out there in the world who, like me, love this guy. And I also doubt that he will ever come to Sweden and play, so there was nothing else to do, I had to go.

Steve Carlson is someone I discovered because I am listening to Christian Kane. Steve and Christian has a band named Kane and it is music with country/rock vibes. However, Steve Carlson on his own is not country but still a bit of rock. I would say he is more blues, jazz, pop, rock and funk. Sorry, can’t put a lable on him.

What I love about Steve and his music is his lyrics, the words are weaved without the typical rhymes but never wrong. Dynamite is one of his older songs but it is one of my favorites.
 So, back to London. I left home to go to the airport at 9.30. Got to the airport at 10.50 and checked in. I texted a friend who works at Arlanda airport and said I was there, maybe we could meet. I sat down to have a coffee and I got a text, the flight will be delayed 55 minutes. Okay, starting to feel a bit stressed.
My friend Micke shows up and he tells me he fixed me better seat on the plane so that I can leave it faster. Nice, thank you. Finally on the plane and the pilots hits the floor, or what ever they do. The plane landed at 15.00 just half an hour after the original time. Good work.

Off to the Underground to go to the hotel, according to everyone it should only take 45 minutes to my station. That would probably be correct if the signals works. This afternoon they didn’t. I changed train 3 times and on the last one I spent 2 hours. All together 2.5 hour on the sub. Even more stressed at this point. I have no idea how far I have to go from the Underground to the hotel.

Back to street level and hotel just around the corner, that is good. So I arrive at the hotel sometime after six. Up to the room, freshening up and then off to see if I could find this place Vibe Bar, the show starts at 19.30.
After a slow walk for about 7 minutes I am there, the place is on the same street as my hotel, very nice indeed. So I am here, trying to stess down a bit. Walk up to where the show is aaaaand it is delayed for about 1,5 hour……..sigh…..  Okay, time for a beer…

So, sitting outside passing some time I start to talk to a few of those sitting and waiting, turns out I am not the only one from overseas, there is one from Germany, closer for her to got to London than Berlin.
And another girl from London who has been ”forced” by her sister to follow her to this gig. Talked to her sister who actually is a Jensen and Kane fan, didn’t know that much about Steve, but hey, he’s in London why not see him. Fun thing is, she found out the day before that he was going to play in Putney, she lives in Putney. Didn’t get your name, but it was very nice meeting you.

Anyway, the show starts with a London based (I think) band, who sounded just like a London based band. Not bad but not good either. After they left the stage there was some time to sit and chat before the real music started. Looking around and it hits me, the place is small, the crowd is small, not even 100 ppl. This is almost a private session, a bit familiar, cozy… wonder if Steve like it that small.. so I take a picture, Oh… look what I found..
I have a lot of dark pictures of the crowd, so I only add this one where you actually can see the faces. Didn’t see them when I took the pic, later at the hotel I was looking at the pics and I was going… hmmm.. I recognice those two… Rosalee and Darren, brilliant musicians.

 So there he was, in the flesh, I have the camera ready…  I hate my camera, it take crap pictures in dark places. But it doesn’t matter, I took some pics and some I can use. Before next time I go to a gig I will buy myself a real camera. It is just the matter of money…

The music was great, the sound was great and Steve was absolutly wonderful. However, the gig was way too short, only 1h 15m and that is not enough. I was waiting for my favourite songs, they never came. Between you and Me and The one that got away.
(I guess this just means that I have to go to Birmingham in December, but then again, he wont play those songs. But it would be nice with a double treat before x-mas. Chris and Steve is never wrong.)

 Also we were treated with some songs from Rosalee. Now, I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never been that excited by female singers and sorry to say Rosalee is no exception. She is a wonderful singer no doubt but not my cup of tea, sorry. A very few female artists gets away with it, like KD Lang and Eva Cassidy, … yeah… those are the ones… sorry again… I had rather heard more of my favourite songs. But hey, I love the fact that Steve gives her time on stage, that is a very generous gesture.  
Never got to meet Dee and thank her for the help with the tickets and the work she and her friends has done to make this happen.. Thank you ♥


The gig was over and I headed back to the hotel and got in bed. I was going to spend Friday with my nephew who works in London. Haven’t seen him since my mothers funeral so this is going to be great. And because I had not plan to walk that much, just sit and chat a bit, I didn’t bring an extra pair of shoes. Lets just say my nephew had other plans. We walked for hours and when I got back to the hotel that evening I had very large blisters on my foots and very painful.

Big cities and I are not very content, I like the small villages and old castles and ruins, so London is not a dream. But, what the big cities have and the small doesn’t is great food. Just down Brick Lane my nephew Kristoffer and I sat down and had lunch. And it was delicious. I love asian food and it took some time to decide what I wanted, the guy told me I could make a mix  … that works.

Saturday morning I went back home.

So there it is, There and back again.

  Also, I have suspected it for some time now, maybe 25 years or so, I have a fetich and this trip just made it more real to me. Yeah… there is something about noses, a perfect nose is just the best, and I found myself fixated to Steves nose. Just don’t tell anyone, they might think I am wierd.

Please feel free to correct me on my english, I probably need that.



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